Monday, March 5, 2012

OnLive Desktop Now on Android

By Will765 | Tabletrom
For those iPad users, OnLive has been available for some time, and now it has finally come to android. What is it, exactly? Well, after downloading the app, you basically can use your tablet with a Windows desktop interface. Excel, Internet Explorer, Word, Adobe reader, and Powerpoint are all available with the free version.  You also get 2GB of free cloud storage.  There are paid options also.  For $4.99, you move up to the Plus version, which gives instant access(the free one is as-available, so you may see slowdowns).  Another level, Pro, will set you back $9.99, but increases storage to 50Gb, and lets you customize the desktop with additional apps.


This is the screen you’ll see when you open the app.  For something that works off of remote servers, it is surprisingly fast. Of course, the more people that download and start using it, the slower the free service will become.  However, for now you don’t have to wait for Windows 8 tablets to come out, you can get a taste of windows on your android tablet now.

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